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Let your exploration of Slovenia begin today. Step Away offers you many experiences to book from the comfort of your room.


Ljubljana is a great starting point for experiencing Slovenia's specialties. The capital, whose name sounds beloved in Slovenian, lives on with thousands of faces of urban culture and art, festivals and events.


Step Away is a new way of organizing your trip.


We offer carefully selected providers and destinations which are located between #mustsee and Slovenia.


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Gastronomy in Slovenia


We have selected the top bidders for you. Taste a typical Slovenian dinner or learn the Strudel oven.


  • Traditional Slovenian cuisine 1886
  • Experiment Restaurant


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Culture in Slovenia


Slovenian history is full of some secrets, which you can discover in a few days. The Middle Ages were heavily developed in Slovenia. Many castles throughout our country are pushing for it.


Book a destination and go exploring.


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Sports activities in Slovenia



Slovenia is a developed country and rich in sports activities offered by our nature. Take a sports day and see Slovenia while being active. Our lakes, rivers and hills offer you all this and more


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Trips around Slovenia



Let's see what ABC Tour Travel Agency has prepared for you this time? Take guided day trips around Slovenia. Discover along with our guide our history and landmarks.


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