Hotel Gloria


Welcome to the Gloria Hotel. Our guests can experience genuine contact with the local environment, try typical, home-cooked dishes, learn about customs, get involved in the activities of local people in addition to the usual tourist activities, and at the same time have at their disposal a selected service. In a unique way we bring traditional Slovenian values ​​closer to our guests, presenting authentic life in the capital and activities to your liking.


We offer you selected services within the "Step Away Ljubljana" project


Breakfast and pension offer of accommodation at Hotel Gloria in Ljubljana, transfers from the place of arrival of the tourist to the destination to the place of accommodation and transfers, between different locations where, in addition to the programs presented, we can also offer you:


  • guided tours of tourist attractions and attractions (City walk),
  • sightseeing of Ljubljana by boat,
  • visit to Ljubljana Castle,
  • day trips to other destinations in Slovenia,
  • tastings and gourmet dinners at selected restaurants,
  • winter skiing and summer excursions at the Krvavec ski center,
  • cycling trips around Ljubljana,
  • hiking tours to famous city locations,
  • exclusive experiences on the water: raft, kayak, canoe, boat
  • tailored tourist activities included (horseback riding, golf, tennis ...).


Our service "Step Away Ljubljana" is in line with the vision of a tourist destination in the Central-Slovenian region, which has become locally, nationally, Europeanly and globally recognized as a destination set on the top by trends powered by authenticity, stories with strong messages, moving back to nature, emphasizing humane values, personal - individual approach and pure enjoyment.


"Atep Away Ljubljana" promotes the natural sights of Ljubljana and the whole of Slovenia, respects our cultural heritage and sustainable development, and certainly complements the current offer of the Ljubljana tourist destination.


Contact our friendly staff for more information. We will be happy to help!

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