Winter skiing adventures - Skiing on Krvavec


A perfect winter experience on Krvavec 30 km of well-groomed ski slopes, snow park and après-ski on the ski slope are inviting! The ski resort with the most beautiful view has excellent ski slopes at an altitude of 1450 m to 1971 m, which provides excellent conditions for skiing on natural and compact snow. It offers 30 km of well-groomed ski slopes and guarantees 100 ski days in each season. The trails are varied, difficult in variety, suitable for both recreational and professional skiers as well as beginner skiers.


Krvavec ski resort is located in the municipality Cerklje na Gorenjskem. It is only 25 km away from the capital Ljubljana and at the same time the closest ski resort to the international airport in Europe (Brnik, 8 km).

* Additional winter offer:

Ski school (alpine skiing, carving, telemark, snowboarding), ski equipment rental and service, snow park, beginner training ground, children's lane and carousel, racing polygon, electronic timekeeping track, non-trodden track, night sledding, snowbiking, changing rooms, sauna at Krvavec Hotel, restaurants and free parking.


** Hint: You don't even need your own ski equipment to enjoy the snow, as we will dress you from head to toe in the equipment rental.


The offer for guests of the hotel gloria comprises


  • transport to the ski resort from the hotel and back
  • daily ski pass
  • ski equipment rental *
  • ski school for the youngest **
  • lunch at the ski slope


Winter skiing experience for couples, families or groups

Dates: December - March, * min 5 persons / on request

Days: daily, departure time: 07:30 - 16:00

Location: RTC Krvavec, Distance to ski slope from the hotel: 28 km

* Price: 99 Eur / person, children under 12 years 49 Eur / person

The price includes shuttle bus or van in front of the hotel, gondola ride to the ski slope, skiing day ticket, ski lunch


Summer pampering at Laguna Baths


Laguna Ljubljana City Beach BEST BATHING AREA of Slovenia


Laguna Ljubljana city beach is a wonderful place for summer pampering. On the pools and on the ponds and lawns, in the shade of the trees, there is a place for everyone to feel comfortable. It is also possible to swim in the evenings * and visit a wide variety of facilities that enrich your events and events. The enclosed pool ring covers 5,500 m². The city beach lagoon extends over a total area of ​​19,000 m². The pool ring contains 4,000 m² of underfloor-heated underfloor paved surfaces and 1,300 m2 of water surface, providing a capacity of 1,840 bathers at a time or 2,500 bathers throughout the day. The bathers have 24 outdoor showers, 12 outdoor changing rooms and men's and women's restrooms beside the hall. In the pool ring there is a slender bar with 12 water bar chairs and a garden with 50 seats. There are 300 deck chairs and 150 sunshades on the paved surfaces. Laguna Ljubljana city beach with cleanliness of pool water, cleanliness of swimming pools and lawns, friendly staff, care for safety and excellent offer is an exceptional summer space in the center of Ljubljana for relaxation for both domestic guests and many tourists. We try to pamper our guests during the summer months and provide rich animation in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.


The offer for guests of the hotel gloria comprises


  • whirlpool riviera
  • children's pool with playground and slide
  • massages in swimming pools - pool attractions
  • night swimming * special dates
  • lunch at a swim-up restaurant


Summer adventures for couples, families or groups

Date: June-September, Location: Ježica Lagoon

Days: daily, opening hours: 09:30 - 22:00 (night swimming)

* Price: 25 Eur / person, children under 12 years 15 Eur / person

The price includes admission to the pool complex, the opportunity to practice in the fintes, rent a sun umbrella and lunch at the pool.


Partner: Catering Company Ljubljana d.o.o.


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