Culinary experiences


Traditional Slovenian cuisine 1886


Rogovilc Inn 1886, Ljubljana


The popular gourmet inn, which first appeared in written sources in 1886, was founded by the Vilfan family. The reputation of excellent traditional Slovenian cuisine soon spread across the wider area, and few knew that Rogovilc had the deepest well of spring drinking water in Črnuče. The restaurant also complemented the offer with an excellent pizzeria and made sure that the tradition continues with the times. Subscribe and book a gourmet experience for a romantic pampering and a selection of the Gloria gourmet menu. The inn is less than 5 minutes drive from the hotel and is a great opportunity for lunch or dinner with Slovenian traditional food.


Selected culinary offer for gloria hotel guests


  • traditional Slovenian meat entrees
  • roasted liver with thyme
  • pork roast with side dish
  • veal roast with side dish
  • beef goulash with gnocchi
  • vamps for the Trieste
  • fried homemade chicken
  • sweet dessert from prekmurje


Culinary experiences for couples or groups * / on demand

Date: all year, Place: Dunajska cesta 370, Ljubljana Črnuče

Distance to the hotel: 4 km

* Price: 24 Eur / person

The price includes a 3-course menu of choice of dishes accompanied by Slovenian wines, homemade dessert and greetings from the kitchen


Partner: LIN SI d.o.o.


Experiment Restaurant


The restaurant and bar The experiment is open until late at night, following the model of other restaurants in the world's capitals.


It is designed as an experiment in the hospitality industry and is all in one. In the morning, a cafe serving a variety of coffees from around the world, lunch and lunch at noon, afternoon after work with selected wines, and a restaurant with a short menu in the evening, which does not mean that choice is not enough.


The main specialties are grilled beefsteak, pork ribs, sticky fingers, Caesar salad and poultry by the pitcher of homemade unpasteurized light or dark beer, which is made from 500 liter barrels (lager).


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