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Umbrella & Drawstring travel bag
Drawstring travel bag Lightweight silver coloured folding umbrella with aluminium frame and transparent handle.
Price with VAT:
from 8,90 €
Enamelled mugs and rustic pot
Enamel mug (350ml or500ml) and small enamelpot, suitable for all typesof hobs.
Price with VAT:
from 8,60 €
A softly padded backpack made of black trench fabric.
Price with VAT:
34,00 €
Notebook, pencil case, three-pencil set and eraser
Pencil case in high quality red leather, three-pencil set in a leather wrap, notebook bound in red leather and printed with a gold vignette and eraser in red or black.
Price with VAT:
from 2,90 €
Shopping bag and pouch
Foldable shopping bag made from a fabric woven with metallic threads and multi-purpose pouch attachable to the bag, available in black and silver.
Price with VAT:
from 12,90 €
Linen shopper and leather bag
Linen shopper is available in black and leather, unlined bag is available in black and white.
Price with VAT:
from 22,50 €
A cute, soft little dragon. Two motifs are available: little dragon the traveller with a suitcase and little dragon the romantic.
Price with VAT:
13,50 €
Ljubo the Gourmet (Ljubo gurman) products
An apron, an oven glove made of neoprene and a microfibre cloth.
Price with VAT:
from 4,50 €
School bag
A useful bag in red and white with a 3D dragon motif.
Price with VAT:
9,50 €
Children’s T-shirt
Children’s T-shirt in white or red, available in the following sizes: 12−18 months, 18−24 months, and 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 years.
Price with VAT:
11,00 €
Shopping bag
Eco-friendly shopping bag made from cotton.
Price with VAT:
11,50 €
Mug and cereal bowl
Porcelain mug (300ml) and Porcelain cereal bowl (500ml).
Price with VAT:
from 10,00 €
Magnet set and puzzle
Six-magnet set and magnet puzzle.
Price with VAT:
from 5,00 €
A useful bag made of felt and having an inner pocket.
Price with VAT:
18,90 €
Women’s and men’s T-shirt
Men’s and women’s T-shirts, available in standard sizes.
Price with VAT:
10,00 €
Tea mug
Ceramic mug (200ml).
Price with VAT:
9,50 €
Baseball cap
Baseball cap, available in gray colour.
Price with VAT:
7,00 €
Bags made of felt
A tablet bag and a cosmetic bag made of a natural material (felt).
Price with VAT:
from 8,00 €
Tea cup
A porcelain cup (300 ml).
Price with VAT:
9,50 €
Umbrella with wooden handle, available in different colours.
Price with VAT:
8,00 €
Keychain, available in different colours.
Price with VAT:
2,50 €
Beer glass and Schnapps glass
Beer glass (500ml) and Schnapps glass (30ml).
Price with VAT:
from 3,00 €
Available in different colours, material 100% Polyester.
Price with VAT:
10,00 €
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