Daily excursions by tourist bus - Bohinj, Bled and the Julian Alps


The trip takes you to one of the most beautiful parts of the Julian Alps. In Bohinj we offer you a walk up to 60 meters high Savica Waterfall and a gondola ride to the 1530m high ski slope Vogel **, offering a magnificent view of the high peaks of the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj below you. On the way back there is a tour of the church of Sv. John the Baptist standing by the lake and feeding well-preserved frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries. Possibility of lunch with traditional Gorenjska cuisine at the inn (extra charge) **.


We will continue our excursion through the Upper Bohinj Valley with typical farm architecture to Bled. We will visit charming Bled, with a famous church on an islet, a castle on a rocky slope and views of the surrounding alpine peaks. Lake Bled is surrounded by high mountains, extraordinary a picturesque eleventh-century castle that reigns on a cliff, its largest landmark being the islet and its 99 steps leading to the church. A fairy tale lake that has no money in the world. Take a stroll around the lake and try the Bled “creamy”, one of the most famous Slovenian desserts. You will float to Bled Island and visit the museum at Bled Castle (Surcharge: Admission to the church on Bled Island € 6). Driving towards Ljubljana in the early evening, returning to the Gloria Hotel.




  • drive through the romantic BohinJ valley
  • crystal clean Bohinj lake
  • church of st. John the baptist from 14th century
  • picturesque alpine landscape
  • walk to Savica waterfall
  • Studor - village with hyracks - toplarji
  • Vogel - magnificent view of julian alps and lake Bohinj
  • stroll long lake Bled
  • Bled island, pletna shuttle service to island with famous church
  • Bled castle, museum view


Explore Gorenjska's most popular tourist attractions in a day.


ALL-DAY GUIDED TOUR: * min 5 persons

Dates: May-October, Departure: Hotel Gloria

Days: Saturday, departure time: 09:00 - 18:00

Language: Slovenian, English

* Price: 115 Eur / person


The price includes bus or van transportation, guided tour, gondola ride to Vogel, entrance fee to Bled Castle, shuttle service to Bled Island.

Partner: ABCTOUR d.o.o.

Boat trip down the Ljubljanica River


Get ready to see Ljubljana in a whole new light. Even more beautiful and even more romantic than you have known before - from a new perspective!

Our primary task is to allow all people to view the city of Ljubljana with a wooden boat from a water perspective.

In addition, we provide transportation for tourists, groups, closed companies to Barje, all the way to Podpeč and back.

In a comfortable ride on a wooden boat we prepare simple but tasty snacks for a more enjoyable time of sailing, but we can provide a full catering for the most demanding.

With our mission, offer and approach, as well as the story that comes with you, we offer and strive to maximize the pleasure of navigating the Ljubljanica River.


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